J2-P EEC four wheel cargo car new energy and J2 lithium battery EEC L6e

J2-P EEC four wheel cargo car new energy and J2 lithium battery EEC L6e

Product Introduction


main selling point

Color multiple choice

The appearance can be designed according to the needs of customers. Electric cars can be painted in red/silver, blue/silver and many other colors to suit customer needs.

front and rear headlights

The front and rear lights enable the electric car to drive safely even in the dark of night. There are turn signals, brake lights, and reversing lights. All low lights are low power consumption with a 50% increase in light transmittance.

Center steering wheel

The modern designed operating platform is convenient for the driver to use the electric vehicle.

Premium tires

High-quality and long-life tires for electric vehicles. Make the car more safe and comfortable to drive. The driving speed can reach 42 km/h.

three cargo boxes

There are three sizes of carriages to choose from to meet your cargo needs.

Standard Configuration
1ParameterL*W*H   (mm)3600*1345*1765
2Wheel   Base(mm)2375
3Min.Ground   Clearance (mm)160
4Curb Weight(kg)500
5Max.   Speed(km/h)52
6Max.   Range (km)80-100
7Capacity   (person)1
8Cargo   Box Size(mm)1635*1150*1058
9Hopper Size(mm)1635*1150*370
10Rated   Load(kg)550
11Steering   ModeMiddle Steering Wheel
A/C Motor60V 4000W
13Lithium   Battery105Ah LiFePo4 Battery
14Charhing Time2-3 hrs    (220V)
15ChargerIntellengent    Charger
TypeHydraulic System
FrontIndependent Double Wishbone
20RearIntegrated Rear Axle
TyreFront 135/70-R12   Rear145/70-R12
22Wheel   HubAluminum Alloy Hub
Mutil-mediaMP3+Reverse Camera
24Electric   Heater60V 400W
25Central LockAuto Level
26One   Button StartAuto Level
27Electric Door&Window2
30Kindly Note that all configuration is only for your reference in accorance with EEC homologation.




Assembly reduces and saves on customs and shipping costs.

car sharing

Personal and business APP to manage and monitor all vehicles

fast charging

Power consumption costs less than $0.50 per 100km for 2-3 hours on a home charger.

Standard Configuration
1ParameterL*W*H   (mm)2390*1200*1700
2Wheel   Base(mm)1580
3Min.Ground   Clearance (mm)150
4Curb Weight(kg)376
5Max.   Speed(km/h)45
6Max.   Range (km)85-110
7Capacity   (person)2-3
8Cargo   Box Size(mm)No
9Rated   Load(kg)300
10Steering   ModeMiddle Steering Wheel
11Power SystemA/C Motor60V 3000W
12Lithium   Battery105Ah LiFePo4 Battery Battery with BMS&
 Fast charging system (2-3 hours)
13Charhing   Time2-3 hrs    (220V)
14ChargerIntellengent    Charger
15Brake SystemTypeHydraulic System
18Suspension SystemFrontIndependent Double Wishbone
19RearIntegrated Rear Axle
20Wheel SuspensionTyre135/70-R12
21Wheel   HubAluminum Alloy Hub
22Function DeviceMutil-mediaMP3+Reverse Camera
23Electric   Heater60V 800W
24Central LockAuto Level
25One   Button StartAuto Level
26Electric Door&Window2
29Kindly Note that all configuration is only for your reference in accorance with EEC homologation.

after-sale warranty

Under the premise of normal use and maintenance in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the product "Instruction Manual", the user believes that the product design, assembly, manufacturing, materials and other quality problems have caused the vehicle machinery to be within the specified scope, parts warranty period and mileage. A "warranty" service is provided in the event of damaged parts or performance failures. The warranty is mainly based on adjustment and maintenance, supplemented by replacement parts. Those that can be adjusted and repaired will not be replaced, and those that can be solved by replacing parts will not be replaced. Warranty period is not recalculated regardless of replacement of any part. Accessories can be delivered to you by post.

24 hours online customer service to answer your questions at any time.

The whole vehicle is guaranteed for 1 year, and the lithium battery is guaranteed for 5 years.

Arrange technicians to train dealers.

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